Wagga Wagga City Council:

DocuMap with map and document list

Viewing a CAD document with DocuMap

Viewing an Excel document with DocuMap

project name

Wagga Wagga City Council - DocuMap

the aim

Wagga Wagga City Council (WWSC) required an electronic plan management system. They were seeking a system that was geographically based that would link to their GIS system. DocuMap was chosen and implemented to meet the requirements.

the solution

WWSC had a large number of hard copy and electronic CAD documents that needed to be managed and accessed. The hard copy CAD documents were scanned using a large format scanner. These plus the electronic documents were then registered in DocuMap. This meant they were now in a DMS and linked to their GIS. Users employ the logical and simple interface of DocuMaps' GIS to find the required document for a road segment, property, sewer or other asset item.

Once all the nominated CAD documents had been added other documents that greatly benefit from a GIS interface have also been added. These include:
  • Sewer diagrams
  • Deposited Plans
  • PM and SSM diagrams
  • etc

Wagga Wagga's DocuMap is based on the following components:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server


more details

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