Sydney Catchment Authority:
Pollution Source Database


PSD with map

project name

Sydney Catchment Authority - Pollution Source Database

the aim

The Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) required a system that could record information on potential pollution sources (both point and diffuse) in the Sydney water supply catchment area. Spatial Intelligence was commissioned to develop a spatially enabled application to meet these requirements.

the solution

A GIS enabled Pollution Source Database (PSD) was developed based on the following components:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office
  • ESRI MapObjects
  • Citrix
This system allows the SCA to record information and documents on potential pollution sources. The PSD:
  • Is spatially enabled which greatly enhances visualisation of data
  • Records the location and address details
  • Records pollution source details including type, extent, impact and sample data


more details

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