NSW Ministry of Health:
Perinatal Data Collection System for Private Hospitals

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project name

NSW Ministry of Health - Perinatal Data Collection System for Private Hospitals

the aim

The Perinatal Data Collection System for Private Hospitals (PeriPH) allows private health facilities licensed to provide maternity services to submit perinatal data, in bulk, conformant to the Perinatal Data Collection requirements to the NSW Ministry of Health. PeriPH replaces the current method of data submission, allowing individual private facilities to load and review their own data using a web-based application.

The MOH required a new system to replace their existing system to collect the data from private hospitals. The new system would allow health facilities to submit their data online. The data would be validated using a validation rules engine before the data can be accepted by MoH.

the solution

PeriPH is a web based application using:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 
  • Windows Server 
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • Entity Framework
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

PeriPH is a website that enables:

  • Facilities to submit and validate their submission data;
  • MoH to add and maintain the data validation rules that submission data must meet;
  • Both facilities and MOH to view submitted records;
  • MoH to run a variety reports, such as submissions that are outstanding, quality of data submitted etc.


more details

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