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project name

NSW Ministry of Health - Emergency Department Workforce Analysis Tool

the aim

NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) collect data about staff skill mix from Emergency Department (ED) facilities. That data is used at facility level to identify strategies and priorities for attaining an ED workforce with optimal staff skill mix capability relevant to the general and specific demands of EDs in NSW.

MoH had a Microsoft Word based system to collect data about current staff skill mix in ED facilities. Their existing system was a manual process to collect and analyse workshop data. 

MoH needed a solution that would:
  • Remove the need for double entry
  • Use automation to ensure workshop data meets expected quality
  • Have the data stored centrally
  • Allow reports and complex queries to be run against the data

the solution

A web-based application  Emergency Department Workforce Analysis Tool (EDWAT) was developed for MOH using:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 
  • Windows Server 
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services 
  • ASP.NET 
  • MVC
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft Office

Users now enter workshop data directly into the EDWAT application. The application has been designed in a streamlined way to assist users to collect quality data via a guided user interface but retains flexibility to allow for the tool to be used practically in workshops. 


more details

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