About us

Spatial Intelligence comprises a team of highly skilled, motivated and innovative personnel

Spatial Intelligence Pty Limited are:
  • Application developers;
  • Web developers;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) consultants; and
  • Document management solution providers.

Spatial Intelligence prides itself on providing innovative solutions to meet our clients' business requirements and maintaining long term successful client relationships through professional support and cost effectiveness. Our clients will testify to our excellent reputation for application development. We are known for developing easy to use, innovative, functional and cost effective solutions.

Spatial Intelligence is on the New South Wales Government ICT Services Registered Supplier List and the ICT Services Advanced Registered Supplier List.

While in operation, we were also successful in being included on the:
  • New South Wales 2020 ICT Services Supplier Panel; and
  • New South Wales 2036 Supplier Panel.