waste collection and tracking system

Touch screen truck application

Reporting on garbage collection in real time

Real time mapping


WCTS is a real time waste collection and tracking system.

In conjunction with ManageMate and Rojan, Spatial Intelligence provides a system that tracks garbage collection as it is being collected by the garbage truck and is a real time monitoring and reporting system.


  • RFID bin identification
  • Weighing of individual bins
  • Video monitoring of bin collection
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • On-vehicle data collection
  • Real time wireless internet data transmission to web site
  • Web site provides on-line, real time reports to both the customer and contractor
  • Real time mapping of truck location, bin lifts etc
  • Management of accounts and bins
  • Bin delivery and removal system
  • Remote management
  • End user account log on
  • Actions and workflow
  • Recycle environment reporting including savings on CO2, energy, landfill, oil and trees

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